Anna Maske

Soprano and voice teacher at Conservatoire Populaire de Genève

Vera Wenkert is an exceptional teacher and artist. Her Institute StimmKunst represents an important stepping stone for the professional singer who has graduated from university and is singing in first engagements or preparing auditions.

Singers who change their Fach and repertoire are accompanied in a securing yet directive way so that they will find engagements. Veras very refined teaching skills and her analytical and sensitiv listening, guide the singer into a motivating and continuous progress and confidence in his or her voice on the path to mastery.

Vera Wenkert knows how to build together with the singing artist his or her voice, musicianship and stagecraft to allow a lifelong carrier. The person with its unique personality, with its qualities and with its challenges is in the center of Veras work. The masterclasses and workshops are always taught in a trustworthy atmosphere where every singer gets the same amount of time and attention. The mindful interaction between singers in the institute is encouraged. The Institute benefits from the artistic input of Vera Wenkert’s carrier as a dramatic soprano with a lifelong stage experience, as well as her network of excellent coaches, pianists and conductors. My singing as well as my professional life as a singer and voice teacher have enormously improved since I started studying with Vera Wenkert. I highly recommend her and her Institute StimmKunst to every singer with expectations for a professional and long-lasting carrier in the singing profession.

Charlotte Emma Whittle


Studying with Vera Wenkert has completely changed my life. I turned up a confused lyric soprano, feeling this was not my voice type. Within the first lesson, Vera could hear exactly what my true voice type is. Now, 2 years later, I am a blossoming Dramatic Soprano. Everything feels the way it is meant to feel. Vera’s teaching is incredibly detailed. She can hear if the root of the tongue is blocking the sound, or if the jaw is too tense, the breath not low enough. She has the ability to pick up on these problems so quickly, and deal with them in and efficient and patient way. During her Masterclasses, I have seen her meet many international singers with many problems. She is so kind and open with them. I see them feel immediately relaxed, resulting in a quicker response from them to what she is asking them to do. She is so dedicated to singing, students always receive 100% from her. Her non-judgemental, professional and beautiful character, make lessons and Masterclasses an utter joy to be in. I would encourage singers to sign up for her Masterclasses. You will learn so much about the technique of singing in a comfortable, happy and professional environment.

Regina Meyer


Ursula Ferri


Vera Wenkert ist eine fantastische Lehrerin, ein wunderbarer Mensch mit einem enormen Wissen über die Stimme und einem feinen Gehör, dem nichts entgeht. Sie unterrichtet die schwedisch-italienische Gesangstechnik, deren bekanntester Exponent David L. Jones ist. Mit dieser Technik wird eine Stimme gesund, kräftig und bleibt bis ins hohe Alter jung. Ich hatte immer Probleme und keiner konnte mir wirklich helfen. Mit Vera läuft nach einem guten Jahr alles wie Butter. Aus jeder Stunde nehme ich etwas Neues mit, das ich zu Hause auch wirklich wieder nachvollziehen und üben kann. Denn die Instruktionen sind sehr genau und klar. Vera weiss ganz genau mit welcher Übung sie was erreicht und sie erkennt immer sofort, woran ein Problem liegt und wie man es löst. Ich bin sehr glücklich und dankbar, dass ich Vera gefunden habe, dass ich nicht um die halbe Welt reisen muss und so endlich mal wieder regelmässig Unterricht nehmen kann.”

Jérémie Brocard

Bass at various opera houses

I will always be very grateful to Vera Wenkert for her generous help and teaching. It’s unique to find in the same person, an amazing singer who can teach and and a wonderful teacher who can sing. Be on stage and prepare new parts is a journey along you need a trustful hand to guide you. Thank you dear Vera.

David L. Jones

International Vocal Pedagogue, New York

I highly recommend working with Vera Wenkert as a voiceteacher as well as participating in her masterclasses.

Vera Wenkert is a fine dramatic soprano with a great ear for teaching. She is very precise in hearing vocal problems and in offering solutions that get complete results. I strongly recommend Vera Wenkert as a teacher for any singer looking for vocal help and wanting an accurate diagnosis.Her performance experience also compliments her teaching ability in that she knows languages and stage deportment.

Louise Martyn

sings in Teatro Sociale Bellinzona

What’s special about the International Institut StimmKunst Zürich?

Honestly, everything about this learning space is special because there is only one person it is serving: the singer. Although there are many great, talented and kind teachers in Conservatoires and Universities, it seems to me that these teachers are bound to hierarchies and structures that, although may be well-intentioned, are not tailored to each student. One of the benefits of the Institut StimmKunst is that Vera gives her students what they need at that time, and what this is, is decided between the student and Vera, no one else. The pace of this is development is also dictated by the student.

A special gift this teacher has is the ability to see what direction to approach a student’s challenges from. She has a great capacity to judge the true personality of the student and she knows how psychological singing is, so she tailors her approach based on what will work in that moment, but also what will serve the holistic development of that student. This studio can offer polish if wanted, but it can also help with the more fundamental growth of its students.

Vera often creates an environment that can help young singers to train their nervous system for auditions, first rehearsals etc. She does this however within the protection of her experienced and watchful eye, so often we get trained in advance for situations that can be stressful, and, therefore, often deal with them better when they occur in reality. As I am a sensitive person, this has helped me become more resilient and confident.

Vera’s Vocal Technique Teaching is a combination of the Swedish- Italian School, her life long experience on stage and a development in awareness of the ‘inner feeling’ in the body of the student too. Vera teaches her students how to use stagecraft to help themselves. They are also encouraged for to change their inner voice (if necessary) to a nurturing, positive one and to develop an awareness of the effect that has on the body, so it can perform the tasks needed for the mechanics of great singing. These are only some of the benefits to studying with Vera Wenkert.

Georgia Knower

singt im Theater Basel

Ich studiere seit fünf Jahren bei Vera Wenkert und fühl mich stimmlich und menschlich sehr schön begleitet. Als ich zu ihr kam war meine Stimme etwas unentschlossen in welcher Richtung sie gehen wollte. Da Vera sehr ehrlich und klar unterrichtet, hat meine Stimme die Gelegenheit bekommen auch so zu wachsen. Dies ist mir sehr wichtig, vor allem, im Beruf wo man immer verschiedenen Herausforderungen begegnet. Sie ist eine sehr empathische Lehrerin und versteht wie alles mit allem zusammenhängt, das die Stimme lediglich reagiert wie wir sie behandeln.

Mandira Halder

Doctorante,Faculté de Psychologie et de Sciences de l’éducation, Université de Genève, Genève/Doktorandin im Psychologie und Erziehungswissenschaft Fakultat/ PhD candidate, Faculty of Psychology and Education, University of Geneva, Geneva

As an educational researcher in foreign languages, teacher trainer and teacher with 19 years of teaching experience, I was fortunate enough to be mentored and coached by wonderful people who were not only experts in their field but also demonstrated true leadership qualities, helping me along in my professional and personal life journey. But the one person that come foremost in my mind is my wonderful voice teacher Vera Wenkert as she is the finest of them all. Through her teaching, coaching and mentoring, Vera has not only helped me develop a healthy vocal technique but also taught me stagecraft so that I can effectively occupy space on stage, so much so that it belongs to me. She has done so much more, instilling in me human values as a budding artist and to surpass myself by developing the right attitude and graduating from a amateur singer to professional standards. As a well-wisher, she has constantly stood by me, supporting me in all my artistic projects and carve a niche for myself in the demanding world of classical singing. This reminds me of the famous German proverb “aus seinem eigenen schatten springen”.

Carole Simons

Professeur de chant: Académie de Musique d’Amay, Belgien

Mme Wenkert est une enseignante exceptionnelle, authentique et expérimentée. La technique vocale enseignée est saine et efficace. L’expérience scénique que partage Mme Wenkert prépare tout chanteur aux auditions et aux exigences actuelles de tout répertoire. Outre les qualités professionnelles rares et précieuses de Mme Wenkert, vous y recevrez aussi un avis honnête et franc, et vous vivrez un moment unique.

Bettina Gfeller


Danielle Zuber

Kanton Zürich

Vera Wenkert ist eine feinfühlige Gesangmeisterin, sie hat mich nach einem Schicksal sowohl menschlich als stimmlich wieder aufgebaut. Gesangtechnisch und menschlich ist sie eine der besten Lehrerinnen unserer Zeit. Ich bin unendlich dankbar, mich von ihr in meiner Laufbahn als Solistin weiterhin betreuen zu lassen. In grosser Dankbarkeit, Danielle

Gabriella Cavasino


Vera Wenkert is an outstanding vocal artist, mentor and teaching technician. Since my studying with her at Institute StimmKunst, I’ve got my voice as well as my confidence back. During masterclasses and individual lessons, I’ve seen her knowledge, passion and wisdom shine through, allowing her to adapt to all kind of psychological and vocal situations and guide students already well in their careers as well as professional beginners or amateurs of all ages.

As a singer and vocal teacher myself, I can only recommend anyone who has a serious interest in the vocal arts to study at Institute StimmKunst.

Ciara Gallagher


Vera Wenkert is a wonderful teacher. The technique that she teaches is excellent and changed my voice immensely. I have taken part in several of her masterclasses which are fun, informative and every participant had a large noticeable improvement in just a few days. I highly recommend attending a masterclass if you can.

Marina Poša

Mezzosoprano, Brisbane Australia

“I have been studying with Vera Wenkert for two years via Skype. Even though we haven’t been able to work together in person because of the distance, her being in Switzerland & me in Australia I have had dramatic improvements in my voice. With her knowledge & patience I now sing in the correct Fach, mezzo-soprano & I feel free as a singer to colour phrases, not push my voice.  I also have more confidence in my public performances. She is the only teacher that I have met who has been completely honest with me & been able to verify & acknowledge my vocal difficulties. Her ear is exceptional. She is especially able to help the bigger dramatic voice find a technique & develop. I highly recommend Vera Wenkert as an exceptional teacher & person with integrity & vast vocal knowledge.”


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