24. October 2023

“Sing Fresh and Focused”

Many of you have asked me what my daily routine looks like that has kept voice so fresh and young even after my long stage career in the heavy dramatic Fach. So I write some aspects down for you: 1) Every morning instead of connecting with the world outside I first connect with myself within…

6. July 2019

“Someone who inspires you”

Today Charlotte Whittle, Dramatic Soprano, who has studied with me for the last couple of years and who is now starting her first steps into a career, tells you about her experience as a singing student. The stage is yours Charlotte! “I remember the first day I met Vera. Walking through the doors of her..

3. July 2019

Dramatic Mezzo-Soprano Marina Posa, Australia tells about her benefits from working with Institut StimmKunst

30. June 2019

Photos Concert after Masterclass 2019-06-15