Method SONARAVERA - The Way to the Self-determined Singer

What is so special about the SONARAVERA Method?

The singing environment has evolved a lot in the past few years. Young singers find themselves entering a market where opera houses are being forced to save time and money. This means it is essential that every aspiring young professional singer needs to be prepared artistically and musically in every way.  Also to cope with everyday demands of life on the stage and all that it encompasses.  

To be successful on stage as an artist and more specifically as an opera singer, you need to have many skills:
 A solid vocal and singing technique
 Musicality and rhythm
 Excellent stage presence and convincing acting skills
 The tools to cope with stressful situations 
 Excellent knowledge of the process and expectations of an opera production
 Skills in dealing with agents, coaches and conductors.

Many students, even professional singers have talents for some of these things but it really takes a lot more to bring it all of these things together. There is no universal recipe for all singers. Institut Stimmkunst offers individually tailored lessons and a holistic approach for singers. 

In my opinion, in order to develop a well-founded plan for individual needs, a teacher needs to bring a lot of their own experience to the table. I combine all of my own talents and experience as a dramatic singer, teacher and voice therapist to help each individual performer achieve their own personal goals. Essentially this was why Institut Stimmkunst was created. To help singers find their true voice with methodical and practical help.

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