6. July 2019

“Someone who inspires you”

Today Charlotte Whittle, Dramatic Soprano, who has studied with me for the last couple of years and who is now starting her first steps into a career, tells you about her experience as a singing student. The stage is yours Charlotte! “I remember the first day I met Vera. Walking through the doors of her..

3. July 2019

Dramatic Mezzo-Soprano Marina Posa, Australia tells about her benefits from working with Institut StimmKunst

30. June 2019

Photos Concert after Masterclass 2019-06-15


21. June 2019

Secret how to rise and shine👑

Dear beautiful young singers, CONGRATULATIONS Your semester at your music academy or theatre season is coming to an end. You made it! You should be proud of all your achievements. Bravo 👏 At this point you may be thinking about what is the absolute best thing you can do for your next step towards a singing career,..

14. June 2019


Dear beautiful singers,   In my teaching and performance experience I have always met singers who are searching for someone to unlock their true potential and develop their talents.   Unfortunately the good teachers are very few. I am sadly often dealing with singers who are at a very low point and this is where..

31. May 2019

Confusion of the term “Singing in the Mask”

Hello beautiful Singers, I am sure we all have heard the term “singing in the mask.” I think that this expression causes a lot of confusion. Right? So what does it mean? Below is a short overview of what’s happening… …When you have an excellent “Stimmsitz“ it means you have learned, after a healthy onset,..

25. May 2019

“Sing Fresh and Focused”

Dear beautiful Singers, Many of you have asked me what my daily routine looks like that has kept my voice so fresh and young even after my long stage career in the heavy dramatic Fach. So I write some aspects down for you: 1) Every morning instead of connecting with the world outside I first..

17. May 2019

Weekly Nugget: How to study a dramatic part  

Dear beautiful singer, the most important thing: You need time to delve into the score and let it sink into your system. The first step young dramatic singers is to work in the complete technical control of your voice and body. Second step is to explore the music and orchestration and to sing in this..

15. April 2019

Opening night for my new website

Dear beautiful singers, I know exactly how alone you sometimes feel when you have a special voice and the desire to have that voice trained into an opera or concert voice, and how desperate you are to find teachers or a place where you can be seen and heard. A place where you can technically..

11. April 2019


The experience of the Masterclass last week which I have given in Dublin has shown me that today’s young singers are eager to find on one hand the efficiency in their singing on the other hand they are looking for ways to build up a daily routine requiring discipline,training and building up stanima. On top..