5. April 2019

The Joy of Singing

Dear beautiful singers, Often singers are interested in voice lessons and they ask me if they can listen to a vocal lesson of a singing student of mine. Principally out of different reasons I do not offer this. To me, a voice lesson is very personal and intensive work. I am setting a high value..

29. March 2019


As a singer we need feedback, but it is difficult to get an objective feedback and to put it in the right context for ourselves. 👌Tip number one is: Try to get constructive criticism from people who understand the issues and the profession. For example, your voice teacher has to correct your vocal technique and..

22. March 2019

Performing the right roles at the right time

What does this mean for us singers? Firstly it means that you have to connect with your inner truth. Do you have solid and secure vocal technique, musicality, plus the inner soul strength to sing this offered role? You must not just be brilliant in the famous aria, but in the entire role. You will..

15. March 2019

Music and Freedom

Every Aria or every song we sing inhabits an eternal spirit and our task as interpreter is to find and get familiar with this inherent spirit of the music piece in front of us. As Artists we are aided by the structure of piece, the rhythm and melody etc. When you are musically educated and..

8. March 2019

Sing with Heart and Soul

Before you start to sing an aria or an art song ask yourself: what do I want to say? What is the character feeling? Singing and music without emotions is like an empty basket. I have been a member on the board of an examination panel for young professional singers for 10 years. Out of..

1. March 2019

Voice Disorders

Sometimes a singer enters my studio showing signs associated with voice disorders. As a singer we are depending on a perfect voice function. I want to give you some advice to avoid unnecessary vocal problems. There are phonatory disorders like swelling of the laryngeal tissues etc. and disorders which appear because of inappropriate use of..

21. February 2019

Cheery News for a Singers Life

As long as you are certain you want to have a career as a singer my advice is: GO FOR IT! Get in touch with your dreams and take steps now to build a profession as a singer. I have some steps you can take, starting right now… 1). Do your very best to learn..

8. February 2019

Career Challenge

From time to time it is important for a singer to write down her or his goal. Is there a specific role you want to sing? Is there a specific Opera House you one day want to sing? Is there something you want to stop doing? What do you want to have in the future..

1. February 2019

Appreciation of your Performances

Dear Young Singers, I love to encourage you to train your authentic confidence and to worship your singing also when it comes to opportunities where you are engaged for little concerts or other events to sing. You may want to express your creativity and show your artistry. You want to perform and sing, but this..

26. January 2019

How to Work with Stage Directors

A young singer feels like a champion when she or he has got the first desired engagement at the Opera House. Bravo 👏 On top of all musical work, the collaboration with the stage director begins. Under the guidance of the stage director you go through the whole process of how to build and portray..