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As a great artist with decades of stage experience, Vera Wenkert has developed the SONARAVERA® method. This places singing students at the center of singing lessons as artistic personalities to be taken seriously. This powerful method enables every singer to access their unique inner feelings, artistic impulses and their voice in life and on stage. It offers self-empowerment in dealing with oneself and one’s voice. Body and soul are connected, creating a new aura.

The SONARAVERA® method is an innovative singing technique. It enables singers to improve, expand and stabilize their voice without overexerting or damaging it. But the method goes beyond purely technical voice improvement. Here are some important aspects:


The SONARAVERA® method places great emphasis on musical sensitivity. Singers learn to see their voice not only as an instrument, but also as a medium for conveying emotions and messages. The connection to musicality helps to deepen interpretations and touch the audience.


Vera Wenkert emphasizes the importance of expression. Singers are encouraged to find their individual timbre and bring their personality to their performances. The SONARAVERA® method promotes the ability to tell stories and express feelings authentically.

Performance skills:

A singer is not only a producer of sound, but also a stage performer. The method supports the development of stage presence, movement and interaction with the audience. Vera Wenkert encourages singers to see themselves as part of a larger production.

Self-confidence and competence:

A central point of the SONARAVERA® method is the strengthening of self-confidence. Singers should not be dependent on their singing teacher, but should be able to understand and control their own voice. The method conveys competence and self-confidence.

Overall, the SONARAVERA® method is a holistic approach to singing that combines technical skills with artistic expression and personal development.

The method is explained in detail in her book. It contains numerous illustrative exercises for practical application. The book is available here:

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