Confusion of the term “Singing in the Mask”

Hello beautiful Singers,
I am sure we all have heard the term “singing in the mask.” I think that this expression causes a lot of confusion. Right?

So what does it mean? Below is a short overview of what’s happening…

…When you have an excellent “Stimmsitz“ it means you have learned, after a healthy onset, to direct the sound up and behind the uvular. You can feel after mastering a healthy vocal technique that your sound travels free through the nasopharynx and into the head resonance chambers. There you feel vibrations in your face. All this happens on the breath support.

Fazit: Singing in the mask is the result of an excellent vocal onset, where the sound can travel free and easy through all resonance chambers, and as a result you feel it also vibrating in the mask. When you listen for example to Birgit Nilsson “Dich teure Halle” or to Hans Hotter “Ständchen” you can hear this free ringing and floating sound.

I wish you all the best on your path to find your free ringing and floating sound. Musical magic then happens to you and your audience.

All the Best

Dramatic soprano, voice teacher and founder of International Institut Stimmkunst/Zürich