Neue Opernpartien lernen

Das ist ein wirklich wunderbares Gefühl, wenn man die Partitur seines neuen Stücks in den Händen hält. Aber wie lernt man es in angemessener Zeit?

Erstens: Sie können es schaffen. Hier ist das Rezept:

  1. Lerne den Rhythmus.
  2. Lerne die Musik, bedeutet Ihre Linie und wie ich schon immer die Linien Ihrer Partner gelernt habe.
  3. Übe Rhythmus und Musik zusammen am Klavier auf einfache Art, d.h. setze keinen grossen Klang oder Stimme darauf, nur mit leichtem Singen.
  4. Lerne die Wörter und Sätze
  5. Singe zuerst deine musikalische Linie auf einem Vokal, dann auf den Vokalen der Wörter und last but not least mit Wörtern.
  6. Studiere die Orchesterbegleitung, Melodie und Begleitung gehören zusammen. Wie du bis jetzt bereits grosse Fortschritte bei der Eroberung deiner neuen Rolle gemacht hast. Bravo!
  7. Finde heraus, wo die Geschichte spielt und lies über die Zeit, die Geschichte usw.
  8. Studiere deine Rolle mit deinem Gesangslehrer und einem guten Coach. Wenn es eine andere Sprache ist, musst du vielleicht auch ein oder zwei Mal einen Sprachcoach besuchen.
  9. Jetzt bist du bereit, es mit deiner schönen Stimme zu singen.
  10. Glaub mir aus meinen eigenen beruflichen Erfahrungen und aus meinen Unterrichtserfahrungen, das ist der schnellste Weg, um eine Oper zu deinem eigenen Teil zu machen!

Geniesse den künstlerischen Weg und wünsche dir einen schönen Tag.

Vera Wenkert

Voice Teacher

As a singer it is crucial that you find an excellent teacher. No matter, wether you are a vocal student or a professional singer, you need a voice teacher who offers you solid technical results. The teacher should also be passionate about teaching and you should feel that you can trust him or her. It is hrh obligation of a voice teacher to guide you as an individual singer with your own vocal needs.
You are part of the process and if you have found a teacher who has a very good ear and offers solid technical results for your vocal need, trust and work day by day and you will make progress.

With appreciation

Mindset Discipline Goal Setting

These are topics we singers have to work on constantly . Autumn is an awesome time to do it because auditions coming up, the Theaterseason has just started etc..
Today I want to lead you to ask yourself a couple of questions that will empower you to find your individual way towards reaching your singing goals:
1st: Is your audition repertoire vocally and musically ready to present with shine?
2nd: What do you really want to achieve with your singing?
3rd: Are you doing the things you can do to achieve the most out of the opportunity you have?

Your mindset is really important when it comes to your singing success. Believing that you can be a good singer and performer, that there are opportunities, where you can sing either for money or just for the fun of making music is very important. You have to believe it first before it can happen that you are shining as a singer otherwise you can find yourself talking yourself down and distracted by doubts and negativity.
First you have to decide that you are going to work with determination towards your goals that goes hand in hand with being grateful for the people and things you already have in your life and the things you already have achieved.
Ask yourself the question: Why do you want to have this singing career?

Very important in a singers life is discipline. Yeah! You calmly have to work towards your goals every single day with dedication, which means to work on your vocal technique and on your music. Keep going and that is how you make progress. I promise you will love it, when you be in the music every day and find the phrasing, solve vocal challenges of the aria or part etc.
Grab your pen and notebook and write down what is in your individual power to get your mindset and discipline in place to work towards your singing goals. Every career path starts with a clear mindset and discipline!
Wishing you a wonderful journey into your special Musicland today

Great Auditions

This time of the year is audition time. Yeah, superb! You made it until here. So let’s see, if everything you need is on the peak:

Number one: Your beautiful voice is a free voice with the help of a good vocal technique. The effortless flow of sound, vocal freedom is a satisfying experience for any audition panel.

Number two: Perform with unfettered musicality.

Number three: Is your confidence and self esteem so solid, that you feel secure in yourself in any aspect and that you communicate the joy of being a singer and performer to the panel?

Number four: Your Italian diction sounds Italian and your German diction sounds German… You have translated the text by yourself and not only with a given translater….
Feel inspired by this 1st part of the checking list of “ Sing and Shine“.
You are in a working progress and go for it. Next week here on my Stimmkunst page you will find part two on GREAT AUDITIONS. For masterclasses, voice lessons, career coaching and auditions workshops have a glimpse on my website

With appreciation

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