Übungsroutine während der Sommerpause

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Wie ich in meinem letzten wöchentlichen Nugget schrieb, ist es Zeit, um die grosse Leistung zu feiern. Du hast ein ganzes Semester oder eine ganze Saison in einem Opernhaus gesungen. Jetzt schenke dir und deiner schönen Stimme zunächst eine belohnte Ruhe und Urlaub. In meiner Praxis als Opernsängerin nahm ich mir immer acht bis zehn Tage Zeit für mich und meine Stimme, d.h. etwa 5 Tage überhaupt kein Singen, und dann begann ich langsam, mich auf die nächste Saison vorzubereiten.

Eine gute Möglichkeit, in deinem Urlaub auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben, ist es, wenigstens deine 30-minütige Gesangs-Wellness-Vokalisierung durchzuhalten. Sängern, die sich auf die Wettbewerbe im Herbst vorbereiten, schlage ich vor, ihre Sommerzeit sinnvoll zu nutzen. Hoffentlich bleibt dein Gesangslehrer mit dir auf Kurs. Fordere dich selbst heraus, aber habe auch Spass.

Vera Wenkert

Coping with External Interferences

In a singers life sometimes external obstacles which are beyond our control interfere with our rehearsal routine or even our performance.
Dear Singer, Panic is not our good friend.
My suggestion is. First of all breath and take an inner distance to the cause of the interference.
Second try to refocus your attention on you and your singing.
Still annoyed and distracted?
Embrace and accept the obstacle. This approach will give you back your energy.
Third you might be able to change the interference….
You find more informations for a singers life in my e book. Here is the link www stimmkunst.ch/community
Flourishingly yours

Tips to help you to improve your practice routine

Make sure that you continuously working with your mindset
everything you want to accomplish in life starts with your mindset.
Believe that you can do it and surround yourself with the right people, who influence you to stay motivated and focused on your learning or working process.
Practice discipline and working on becoming consistent: You want to take an effort on practising your voice and music every day until you have solved a problem or achieved a different level…. etc.
You are working towards your goals!!
Set specific and measurable goals, so that you can see how you are doing as you make progress towards your goals
Last tip for today : Create a plan what you can do to accomplish your goals.
Have joy to start today



The experience of the Masterclass last week which I have given in Dublin has shown me that today’s young singers are eager to find on one hand the efficiency in their singing on the other hand they are looking for ways to build up a daily routine requiring discipline,training and building up stanima. On top of all this I recommend seriously that a young singer should search for a teacher and coach who has a deep contribution to the music and operatic scene, with knowledge, patience and understanding for the growing process of a young singer and can nurture them.
One of the main concerns of young singers is not only to train the voice but also the musicianship.For example , find the right style for every composer you sing, this means work with the music and explore it, if you do what the composer has written, the style comes through. It is easy and hard at the same time just to do this. But Coraggio !!!!
Wishing you a wonderful working day Vera