Bright sunshine…

Strahlender Sonnenschein und ich bin in einem wunderbaren Urlaub. Sie sind herzlich eingeladen, bis zum 1. August 2018 einen Blick auf das nächste Weekly Nugget zu werfen.
Vera Wenkert

Great Auditions

This time of the year is audition time. Yeah, superb! You made it until here. So let’s see, if everything you need is on the peak:

Number one: Your beautiful voice is a free voice with the help of a good vocal technique. The effortless flow of sound, vocal freedom is a satisfying experience for any audition panel.

Number two: Perform with unfettered musicality.

Number three: Is your confidence and self esteem so solid, that you feel secure in yourself in any aspect and that you communicate the joy of being a singer and performer to the panel?

Number four: Your Italian diction sounds Italian and your German diction sounds German… You have translated the text by yourself and not only with a given translater….
Feel inspired by this 1st part of the checking list of “ Sing and Shine“.
You are in a working progress and go for it. Next week here on my Stimmkunst page you will find part two on GREAT AUDITIONS. For masterclasses, voice lessons, career coaching and auditions workshops have a glimpse on my website

With appreciation

Bright sun outside – let your voice shine

Bright sun outside and I feel this is the perfect time to let our voice and singing personality shine. You find information about the upcoming Masterclasses and Workshops on my new website
Sing and Shine

Wishing you a wonderful day