Dear beautiful singers,
In my teaching and performance experience I have always met singers who are searching for someone to unlock their true potential and develop their talents.
Unfortunately the good teachers are very few. I am sadly often dealing with singers who are at a very low point and this is where vocal rehabilitation is required.
Picking the singer up, rebuilding their technique, self-esteem with a practical, nurturing and honest approach.
Vocal rehabilitation and unlocking potential requires patience, discipline and the passion to continue every day rebuilding.
I always manage to have a positive result with these cases. Often the technical problems are related to singing in the wrong vocal fach. With time the voice cannot carry this big pressure and sooner or later there is a vocal collapse.
In my masterclasses this week, there has been a huge improvement from all my students. Unlocking potential, growing stage presence and vocal technique. It brings me so much joy and satisfaction as a teacher to see this happening.
Each singer holds a precious gift inside of them waiting to share it with a future public. These gifts are opening in my masterclasses and I am so excited and happy to see my students singing at the gala concert tomorrow night at Reformierte Kirche in shining their light for everyone.
Lesson for all, there is always someone to unlock your potential, have the courage to fight to find it in a loving, nurturing environment. Teachers who verbally abuse you will not help bring it out.
I encourage you all to take the courage and confront whatever it is holding you back. Don’t forget:
“Remember in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”
I know with the right tools you can overcome anything!
Wishing you all the best from my heart,